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The Devi's Playground

Who is the devil and what does he want? In this series, we dive into the rebellion that caused chaos and pain. Discover answers few want to talk about.

The Cosmic War

From the apostle Paul’s letters to ancient historical sites, we dig into the backstory of a cosmic war still going on today.

The Divine Council

The Divine Council is a worldview that is as old as the world but has been forgotten. Linking to specific videos, we will discuss the importance it has in the Bible. What is the significance of Mount Bishon?What is this “council of spirits” we see referenced? Who is the Prince of Persia the angel fights? All ties into the Divine Council.

Enter the world of Exodus, a land of mystery where man never belonged. With a long history, there’s plenty to immerse in. From the Autumn Realm of ancient fae to the Whiteface Mountains and elven forests of Verlone and on into the land of Eden, the world is large. The stories are even larger. 

Part of the stories I tell derive from my faith. But the Bible is more strange than you may think. The Greek philosopher, Plato, writes of the origin of the gods that tie into the bible’s worldview. From here, we get what is called “The Divine Council” Worldview that informs the rest of the Bible. Check out the supernatural side of things.

These are the books I’ve read and have liked. Most are fantasy in nature with authors such as Terry Brooks, Tad, Williams, Mercedes Lackey, Raymond E. Fiest and David Eddings. You won’t be disappointed.

I will also be linking to reviews I do on books.


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