Andrew D Nusz


                Name: Secrets of Enali – Book 1 of “The Dragonblood Legacy”
                Publishing Date: TBA
                Rating: PG-13 / R for some Graphic Violence, and Sexual Content


    Tims Caulder’s only trouble growing up was Brad, the owner of a brothel. When his mother died at the hands of a client, Brad took him in though he wasn’t sure why. After saving the King’s life from assassins, he’s ushered into a whole new world with much bigger problems – nobles who hate him, calling him the King’s pet. They will never let him forget he is the child of a prostitute.

    From her first sight of Tims, Princess Averin secretly fell in love. Six years later, as the world she knows grows dark, she discovers just how protective he is of her. The bond they share threatens to break her resolve to keep her true feelings secret. Being the only child of the King, her death would cast the country into a bloody war for the crown, an idea many nobles favor. Marrying Tims would ensure civil war.

    Tari Alcorin sees no end to her misery in life. On the border of Calmone and the free territories, where cutthroat mercenaries thrive, she works in a seedy tavern catering to hardened men. With both her parents dead by those who use magic, she seeks answers to who she really is. Her quest begins with a note of thanks, given to her with an emblem that matches one on her father’s maps. Now, the only question is, could she trust a man everyone claims is a demon?

    300 years ago, the dragon prophecy was given to humans as a warning. Ancients, those born of magic, watched as man corrupted their lands and themselves for a thousand years. They are seen as invaders, never belonging in the Fae Realms. Now, as another unicorn dies, the First Law will be broken. The protection of humans will come to an end, their weight of sin to be exacted in blood.

    For within the White Council, the Pentarch Council listen to the gods who betrayed their own kind. Foretold in prophecy, this will plunge the world into a darkness foretold ending in rivers of blood.

Copyright © Andrew D Nusz, 2023

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