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Andrew D Nusz
Location: Michigan, USA

Who Is This Author??

Who is Andrew Nusz? 
A mystery, a vagabond in the land of mist and wonder…

Actually, I’m just your normal guy who works a day job in a welding factory. I have a great, loving wife, kids, and one old dog who’s afraid of even the wind, and three controlling cats.

Reading and writing fantasy has always been my favorite pass time and great bane to my parents growing up. It took over my life! Now, I’m venturing into letting others see what this strange imagination has conjured over the last few decades.

This imagination includes another hobby of mine – designing. I don’t have the foggiest idea how I got into it but I did. A lot of images within this site is my own creation. Everything in the Dragonblood Store utilizes “Gimp“, “Inkscape“, “Wonderdraft“, and the Print on Demand, “Printful” company.

Copyright © Andrew D Nusz, 2023

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