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In the sacred library of Tearvane, the records of Extal Worlds remain untouched, bound by magic and preserved for all time. But on Exodus, the White Council’s hold on the human races is strong. Their version of history is even stronger, directing humanity how they see fit.

- E A R T H -

At the end of the last age, human ingenuity had advanced to the point that science, through the manipulation of DNA, could create life however they deemed fit. This was called genetic transitioning, the future of the human species. Parading themselves for being so advanced, pride in godhood forsook common sense. At first, the sciences treated medical needs, almost eliminating all ailments and diseases with DNA infusion of synthetic parts created. But this was not enough. The ability to create life was too enticing for some.

Bio-engineered superhumans was the proper term used. Sensible people called the weaponized science for what it was – monsters. From failed experiments to increasing understanding, freaks of nature were born out of labs.

But in secret labs of the elite who had controlled the world governments for centuries, their experiments were much more sinister. Steeped in religious rituals to the gods, they created hybrid creatures, bred for a single purpose. They were to house the spirits who roamed the Earth, seeking bodies to reinhabit from once they had lost ages ago. These were the demons of biblical lore. Their masters, higher spirits who ruled the nations, whispered in the ears of their followers. What transpired was a wealth of knowledge to create and bare physical beings once called Nephilim.

Once born, the avatar body would be placed on an altar for the blood rituals to commence as degreed, mimicking the rituals of ancient Babylon. With fertility rituals performed by the temple virgins, the prayers to Beezelbul lifted to heaven.

And with the ceremony of opening the mouth, the cryptid avatar breathed life of a demon spirit.

What followed was a reign of unimaginable horror done to humans and animals alike. Humans had unleashed hell on Earth.

Wars broke out as chaos reigned. Like their ancestors of old, the blood lust of cryptid monsters was unsated and terrorized the world.

With their cryptid hosts, the ancients went to the known tombs of their brothers and brought out the bodies of the giant remains. And through the process of DNA and transitioning, they recreated their former bodies, to roam again as giants, to ravage the lands and terrorize humans.

The world grew dark in the bloodshed of nightmare creatures.

For those who knew the power behind the nightmares drew together in force, forming the House of Sherwin, led by a Lord of unknown power at his command. His own legacy was shrouded in mystery but his feats against the monsterous beings made him a legend.

All this ended as the world leaders, never arriving at any agreement, maddened with fear, made war on each other. The world burned red with blood.


The Elemental Age is broken up into two categories: The era of House Lords and The era of Universal Powers.

The era of House Lords came about as the world’s entire economy collapsed as well as stable governments. Within the United States, more than any other country, this broke up the unified federal lands to become city-states and regional territories, governed by local houses. The Federal Government was dead and not wanted to be resurrected. Those in power had started the war in deliberate opposition to the people. Nobody forgot this and as industries began to populate the lands once more, uniting under any federal system was seen as bad. The constitution, once holding the states together, was gone. Trust in any federal government was looked on as a curse.

Beginning at a local town level, mayors were still elected but without the power it once had. This quickly became a problem as resources for towns struggled to survive under such strict ruling. People remembered the things they once had under a unified system of shared resources. When the promise of wealth was given by the few larger landowners who held more wealth in crops and farmlands, people flocked under said banner.

Soon, what were only small portions of land began building under house names. These became known as city-states. And as industries boomed again under the strange new crystal energy, the city-states competed for dominance and small feudal wars broke out. In essence, they were tribal wars fighting over land resources and its people.

Over the years, the house names grew in power and dominance to become powerful lords with committees that governed their vast lands conquered and the people within.

The regions under the control of house lords were dictated only by the number of people and commodities sold. For instance, the land called Michigan, was governed by two house lords while the lands north of the Mackinac straights were uninhabited. It was said within those lands roamed the beasts that took the people decades to drive out of the southern peninsula. The creatures were never before seen monsters that appeared at the time of the crystal shards.

With the use of airships, trains and inventions of crystal-powered mechanics, the Elemental Age brought with it a dark, destructive force man wanted to harness and control the masses with.

300 years after the introduction of Sinvin (The crystal shards), Earth is vibrant with technology once more, living off the energy of Sinvin. Its power is in everything that has been invented.

However, there are those in society who know the truth. Sinvin is not to be trusted. Its very essence is a tainted shard of what is called the Balance Crystal found in the fae world of Gontha. Shortly before the fall of Dragonblood, the guardians of humans and fae, one of two crystals that balanced the magicborn world shattered. The forces of a dark emperor took the shards for themselves and disappeared. It wasn’t known what had taken place afterward, but the world of Gontha became unstable.

The few who know this story, see the effect the tainted shards have on Earth’s societies and know it for what it is.

The crystal shards spread poison throughout the lands. Voices of a realm far beyond speak into the minds of men giving new ideas, depraved and wicked.

The Universal Powers are similar to the house lords that govern the lands of Earth. But they are fewer. These are the true rulers of the world, housed in human form, they are lords of great strength. Their words are law and they are the gods of men as human societies slowly find themselves enslaved to the powers.

- E X O D U S -

~ The Books of Record~


The vast worlds of Extal (the fae realm), are governed by the Sacred Books of Record. What transpires within each world realm ultimately reflect onto Earth in dreams and imagination. They are such powerful books that no man has glimpsed a single Sacred Book. They are held and guarded by some of the most powerful Ancients. Only one book is known to be kept by the ancient Dragon Tribes of Exodus.


The first volume, “The Books of Time”, is said to hold all of history’s recorded events in a single, general overview. It’s also an overview of the other three books of record. Within the pages are laws of cosmic and natural nature. Held by the Keeper of Records, he writes what is told and ensures things stays true to the book.



Words of Power are specific weaving of fae words never meant for human understanding. This forbidden language is the language of Extal and the fairy race who from the beginning of time, helped cultivate and sustain life. In the wrong hands, the weaving of song and letters could cause dark curses or worse, the unweaving of the fae worlds.


In the Book, “Words of Power”, is written the laws and coding of the words and usages balance out the fae worlds. A tweak here and there can change weather patterns, give strength to blooming plants and stabilize a world’s ecosystem. The book is guarded heavily within the Twilight Forest, where no human is allowed to venture. Within these forests, magic thrives the greatest as it’s connected with the Balance Crystals that sustain life in the central world, Gontha, or as humans call it, Exodus.



Since the dawn of Gontha, when the Creator God sang life into existence, there was also sung two magical crystals that connected the central world of the fae to the rest of the fae realms. It was the heartbeat of magical creatures that balanced the fae worlds.


Housed in temple structures, each on opposite ends of Gontha, the fae songs flowed in unison with the twin heartbeats, forming a continuous flow of energy to and from each realm in existence. From Earth’s Celtic lore, this was known as the endless knot.


In the Book of Crystals are written the inner workings of the crystals. With it are written the cosmic rules that govern each crystal and its functions. As with other books, no mortal has the ability to gain access to them and cannot change the writing.


However, if one is found by those with dark intent, there are safeguards put into place but not many. The books were written before humans inhabited the lands of Gontha so there was no need for such things.



The Fourth and final book is called, “The Dragon’s Prophecy,” a long and almost forgotten tale. Although the book is considered part of the Book of Records, it is not completely inaccessible.


When Dragonblood came into existence and began building its own realm with the aid of dragons, it was time to enact a guardian at the crossroads to guard its passages.


To the twin brothers, Shrukin and Darius, devout members of Dragonblood’s council, fell the task of guarding the way. One would make his home in the fae mists itself where a safe haven would be placed for him. This way, being human, he would not get lost in the fae mists and wander aimlessly forever.


To the other, the task of Records Keeper, was given. His job was to record the events of history, to safeguard against human contamination of greed and corruption. At the same time, a vision was given to begin writing down a specific set of verses. These were to be distributed among Dragonblood’s people to memorize and keep to their hearts. This would become their creed, their legacy.


As each age of human history begins, a new chapter is written into the Dragon’s Prophecy, to encourage but also to warn man of the heart’s easy sway into the darker things.


As the fourth age dawned, a new chapter was written. But in these chapters were written dark and ominous warnings throughout. It’s contents would be read high in the mountain passes of Dragonblood as they fled their homeland.


Darkness has fallen…



~ M A G I C ~


Throughout the 5 human kingdoms of Elise, White Magic is the one true magic that is accepted as good. With the Order of the White Council governing all things magic, it is held with high esteem. The White Priests and all who are under the White Council of Wizard’s order are also revered. It could be said that anyone under the banner of the White Council is held greater than even Kings and Queens.

What is White Magic?

According to the White Council, white magic is a good source of magic flowing directly from the gods down to those deemed blessed by the White Council’s priests. This is the only magic seen as good. All other sources are evil and must be eradicated as it’s not blessed by the gods and is seen as poisonous and a direct attack on the gods’ order of things.


The White Council is an order of wizards that has been around since the 1st Age of humans on Exodus. Their history is forgotten by most but for those who know where to look or those with long memories.

The order of the White Council is split into 6 categories.

1. Pentarch Council
This is the ruling class of wizards, the highest order that can be achieved. They are considered touched by the gods and who’s words are law. They are a sect unto themselves and rarely interact with the rest of human society. Their office is to impart the will of the gods to the rest of humanity.

2. White Mages
These can be considered as mages of healing, and protectors of the crowns (most seen as elite warriors who are sworn protectors of bishops. Their focus is on nature and the divine.

3. War Mages
These are elite warriors who’s brute force is divinely powered. Their studies of the intricate spells handed down by the gods give them superhuman power. They are the force behind all of the White Council’s decisions among the human nations. They invoke fear and the wrath of the gods.

4. Bishops
These are the priests of the nine high gods of Exodus. Each human kingdom is given a high bishop to shepherd its people in the duty of serving their sworn god. Their power comes in the form of divination, blessing and curses. To insight the wrath of a high bishop can spell a lifetime of misery. To please the high bishop could easily see a lifetime of wealth. Normally, this doesn’t happen but they are second to the Pentarch Wizards in knowing the will of the gods.

5. Council Mages
These are the advisors to the crown. They come in various skills as both white mages and war mages, and sometimes a mixed bag. Their skill lies in strategy and understanding the workings of the White Council’s human affairs. It is never good to anger the White Council or the gods. Since they commune with the gods, their power ins vast and no human king will ever cross the will of the temple priests. The Advisors may even use special magic to influence decisions however they see fit.

Some Kings over the centuries have gotten angry that their advisors hold so much power, sometimes more than themselves. But this is rare or it is never spoken of in public as this would incite the White Council to look closer into a King’s affairs.

6. Temple Knights
These are very specific warriors. They protect the temples across the human kingdoms and are solely controlled by the White Council. No other person has the right to enforce anything of them.

Wizards of the
White Order


Wild Magic has a long history for those who know where to look. With most things on Exodus, the hidden past is steeped in old magic and relics attesting to this. It is said that Wild Magic is forbidden for a very secretive reason. Those who have tried to harness it never could except a very specific race, Dragonblood. And as history recalls, Dragonblood were the White Council’s nemesis.

In hidden diaries and old forgotten books that missed the White Council’s burning, the true power of wild magic is revealed.

On the eastern edge of the continent Elise, where human kingdoms reside, the Volesin Sea separates it from the sister continent of Eden. It is here where wild magic still thrives. And with it, creatures born of the fae. It is the magic of Exodus that magicborn creatures live and breath. It is essential to the entire world, a fact that is deliberately hidden from human societies.

From long forgotten pasts, relics show up now and again that give evidence humans once indeed harness the wild magic though not in the way the White Mages do. Instead of holding it inside one’s self, artifacts are the containers to which the magic is used.


WILD MAGES – Seekers
In the human realm, there are two known classes of wild mages. The first are simply known as seekers.

Seekers are a group of secretive people who hunt for wild artifacts. They stay hidden from society for the most part in fear of word reaching the White Council of their whereabouts. They are seen as illegal citizens who if found, are to be killed on the spot. Rewards are offered for their heads.

Seekers usually have one or two artifacts on hand and use them for the good of the people. They hold to a strict code of conduct while using their found artifacts for the good of the people.

They live in small nomadic tribes, roaming the lands and never staying to one spot for long. They have a death sentence on their heads at all time so keep to the free territories not governed by the kingdoms.

WILD MAGES – Dragonblood
Dragonblood have books upon books written about them. Even though the White Council tried to destroy every last vestige of the name, some still remain in hiding.

Dragonblood, shortly after their appearance in history, became legendary emissaries between the magicborn and human alike. They were the peace keepers, guardians of renown as they were granted special privileges by the high lords of Exodus, the dragon tribes. High in the mountains of the Midlands, they were given the task to uphold the laws of the Creator God while stemming the tide of evil brought on by a dark emperor’s need to become a god.

Through nightmarish experiments of dark alchemy, Dragonblood was birthed, no care given to those who went insane, others struggling to remain normal. Through it all, Dragonblood was a special kind of human hybrid race. They had an innate ability genetically encoded to the DNA and future DNA to somehow harness the elements of the world. And with enhanced gifts from dragons, breathed on by their flames of magic, they used their power mostly for good.

Ancients of
Wild Magic


It is said that every Dragonblood King was given a special gift at their coronation by a dragon high lord. These were to aid them in their long battle to stem the tide of evil hearts that never stopped corrupting.

– Dragon Star Whip
The Dragon Star Whip is a whip that has been dipped into dragon’s fire and will never go out. Its properties are very destructive but most deadly against dark magical forces. The tip, made out of shards of dragon scales and blood, is one of the most powerful artifacts gifted to mankind.

– Elemental Ring
The Elemental Ring is a ring embued with magic that calls to the elements by the user. Gifted by the Queen Elrosa of the Twilight Forest, this fairy ring can rival the Dragon Star Whip in its power.

– Staff of Twilight
This staff is rarely seen as its might lies in its ability to call on the most powerful magic, the balance crystals, to do ultimate damage or healing, depending on the need. It is second only to the Sword of Eskaver.

– Sword of Eskaver
This sword can only be wielded by one of royal blood and even then, only one worthy of it. The power within the sword is a combination of both dragon and crystal. It’s power lies with the ability to control magical elements as well as magicborn alike. It is not a weapon that is used lightly and more often than not is seen in the Sword Hall of Dragonblood’s Palace. Only in dire need is it to be lifted and used. Its properties have the power to destroy armies with a single thrust. Thus, in events of those who are unworthy, it cannot be touched without searing, unbearable pain.

Magical Relics



When the Creator God formed the fae realms and the creatures within, He also formed twin Crystals of Balance.

Within each crystal, holds the magical properties of a dragon star, fueling Exodus and all other fae worlds it’s connected to. In the unlikely event that one of the twin Crystals are shattered, signs throughout nature will be apparent. The task falls to the High Lords to fashion the crystal shards into usable items before hiding them. A time will come when the items will be most needed and taken up to defend the fae against the darkness.

Along with the twin Balance Crystals, there are numerous smaller crystals that act as conduits of the Balance Crystals.


It is no secret that the place names of each crystal are known. They were known from the beginning. But to find the temples themselves is shrouded in mystery.

From age to age, many have paid good money to the most skilled hunters and artifact finders. But the truth is hidden.

Tausa’s Crystal is one of the two main Balance Crystals of Exodus. It’s housed within a secret temple off the coast Elise on one of the many islands. At one time, it was guarded by sacred knights who swore allegiance to its protection. But that is part of history and the fall of Dragonblood.

Within the temple structure, the massive crystal sits center of the great room while at its base, seven swords of power lay. Each sword was made in the 2nd Age by forging smller crystals bound to the Balance Crystals. These were made by Dragonblood as weapons to fend off the darkness of Scaron’s emperor.

At the end of the 3rd Age, Tausa fell and the Crystal shattered by dark means. This story is told in the History of Ages.

Very little is known about this Crystal except what has been recorded in the early parts of the 4th Age. Housed within a temple at the center of a large lake, it is the last defense of Exodus and the fae. Since the shattering of Tausa’s crystal, the world has become unbalanced. If Adrylin falls, the worlds of the fae plunge into endless darkness.

Some time in the early years of the 4th Age, Neverworld (the place of the Emperor of Night) sent into Exodus a force to capture and destroy Adrylin’s crystal. The events are told in the retelling of Ardil, a boy who became famous for his role in warning Dragonblood of impending doom. His story is known by many of the agicborn, not only for his heroism, but because he broke the laws of elven kind, falling in love with Verlone’s elven princess. That story is told elsewhere.

Today, Adrylin’s Temple is hidden again but without the guards it once had in the past. The world has grown cold and Dragonblood is no more. The dragons are beside themselves with anger.

The future is uncertain for all.

~ T H E   G O D S ~

– Introduction –

Few, if any humans, now remember the ancient days. This was the age of exploration and conquest of foreign exotic lands. Discovered quite by accident, a secret society of man indulged in the exploration of a discovered land through an ancient crossroads.

James Faelivrin, an ambitious man of science, saw how Earth was fast approaching a devastating, world-changing event. With the discovery of an ancient fae crossroads in the middle of Michigan’s dense forests, he pulled his resources together and formed a team to go exploring.

What he didn’t know was that he had was being watched carefully by ancient eyes who whispered in his ears, guiding him along a set path. And with said guidance, once in the world of Gontha, the whispers increased fervently, enticing his human nature to go beyond normal means to become an instrument of the gods.

– Origins –
The Gods of Exodus are similar to those of Earth. In any sense of the word, “god” means a “spirit” that lives in the spirit world, occasionally crossing into the physical to interact.

On Exodus, formerly known as Gontha, the veil between the physical and spiritual is very thin. In fact, before humans exisited, the world was full of spirits that tended the magical properties that flowed in an endless cycle as the heartbeat of Extal, the system of worlds within the Fae.

Spirits come in many different forms, taking on the appearance of whatever pleases them to get a task done. However, their original form will always remain dominant in the physical sphere. For instance, a dragon who is lord of mountains and seas, can transform at will to another form. But this is only temporary as the dominant form always wins out.

A fairy who’s task was to be caretakers of the plants and trees, would sing to the elements of the lands, bidding it to do the will given. Never did a fairy or dragon or any number of creatures born of magic forgot their place. And from time to time, would leave their place of residence to traverse to the heavenly places to give accounts of their activities and join in the celebration of life.

The introduction of man, specifically James Faelivrin, interrupted the dynamics of order. For in him, a dark, malevolent god followed with many of the same intentions.

Knowing their place in the Earthen realm was taken, the gods never forgot how it felt to be rulers over human slaves. Their madness of how Elyon, Lord of the Gods, made a world all for humans, and to place them amongst the gods as co-equal, stirred up wrath and blackening of hearts. Inciting themselves to break the boundaries of Heaven and Earth, they formed themselves human bodies and took for themselves women to rape and bare children of a hybrid nature. In this, they would create for themselves their own race.

But Elyon, in fury over what was taught and the manner of their children, brought down his wrath on the gods. For they instilled in man’s heart, evil continually. The children of the gods were brutal savages who tortured, raped, killed and ate human flesh. Their nature was pure chaos. The world of man had become a place of evil hearts.

Elyon brought down his judgement on all He had created. For those who had done the evil deeds, their spirits were inprisoned in Hades, to be chained in gloomy darkness till the end of time.

But those were the memories of the past. The spirits were given dominion after humans again rebelled, to become rulers over nations. But like their predecessors, their roles were too great not to take into their own hands and steer humanity to worship themselves in place of Elyon.

Then came the birth, that great and horrible day. It would signal the end of their reign over humanity with legitimate power. They had tortured and incited their own form of cruelty on humans they saw as no more than slaves. The gods hearts were continually wanting for man to suffer.

When Elyon’s son died, it should have been a cosmic celebration. But in reality, it was a devestating blow, their own legitimate status as cosmic rulers of human society, was stripped away forever.

In fear and hatred, the gods drew back and for a time, waited, whispering their dark deeds to unknowing puppets.

– Ancient Deaths –
With whispers of greatness and immortal power, the gods used James Faelivrin as their new puppet. Here, they could once again do what was taken from them. But now, even greater things would be accomplished. On Exodus, their power would mingle with humanity to create another race, more powerful and devastating.

When the Ancients of Exodus saw the workings of Faelivrin’s dark inventions and the evil being drawn into the world, they cowered. They had never known such evil to exist and watched in horror as it poisoned the world and themselves.

Ancients and man were enslaved and with the whisper of the gods, a new race was born by wicked means.

In the aftermath of such births, destruction followed and a darkness fell over all the world.

In time, the manner of man’s hearts had even poisoned many of the Ancients of Exodus. In their own hearts, they became bitter towards man’s greedy nature for power. And as centuries passed and wars consumed the world with blood and death, the Ancients cried out for revenge, breaking their own boundaries.

And once again, what was done at the beginning of humanity, came to be.

The gods would rule over man with anger and find in themselves, a need to be worshipped over their own Creator.

Taking the form of humans and beasts, they made humans to build temples to themselves, giving power to some in order to rule. In their power though, humans enslaved themselves to the gods as mages and wizards.

Thus, Exodus became a world of human mages, building the White Council to oversee all of human deeds, and in the process, erasing all history.

Elyon would never be allowed to interfere with the gods’ human slaves again.
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