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  • Ethics, DNA, and What Preceded The Flood

    Ethics, DNA, and Repeating What Preceded Noah's Flood We didn't wake up. We're rushing headlong towards a very dark future. I have a very sinister view of this and it's based on some hard science that at one point was pure fantasy. 1- In the 90s, an admiral went on record in Rosewell saying something very bizarre that made me think he wanted the alien legend to survive while saying something else. Now this legend is being pushed for some unknown reason.

  • A Christian Defense For Fantasy

    A little background here... George MacDonald was an 18th-century Scottish pastor. CS Lewis has said that in his book, The Great Divorce, and many other works, George is credited as his biggest mentor for Christianity. Lewis, as an atheist, was harsh against Christians because he saw Jesus in the fairy tales and the myths of old and concluded he was made up. George's fantasy works and Tolkien's use of myth as a guide ultimately turned a hardcore atheist towards Jesus.

  • Does God Endorse Rape?

    Here's a famous argument the internet professors love to throw at the Bible. This one is from someone on twitter. <<< [ Numbers 31:18 Only the young girls who are virgins may live; you may keep them for yourselves. ] I would say it’s more likely they are doing it in the name of your pedophile god. >>>

  • The Ansville Gatehouse - Ch 2

    - A Girl Named Alicia

  • The Ansville Gatehouse - Ch 1

    - New Beginnings

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